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Traffic regulations and fines in Switzerland

The Road Traffic Act defines the traffic regulations, regulates traffic on public roads and defines responsibilities in case of accident.

All road users must obey the traffic regulations (Road Traffic Act, Articles 26 to 57).

Traffic regulations and signals

Requirement to drive with headlights on during daylight hours

Motor vehicles (cars, vans, trucks and buses) and motorcycles must have their headlights on when being driven during daylight hours. Exempted from this requirement are mopeds, e-bikes and bicycles, and vehicles that were registered before 1970. Anyone who fails to comply with the requirement to drive with headlights on will be fined CHF 40.


The list of fines lists all traffic violations incurring a fine of maximum CHF 300. Click below to view the list.

Violation of traffic rules abroad

In principle, you have to pay any fines you may get abroad. This will avoid any problems you may have when re-entering the country in question. This applies to Swiss drivers abroad and drivers from other countries in Switzerland. Please refer to the following FAQs: