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Getting married abroad

If you want to get married abroad you must find out what documents you need before the wedding and notify the Swiss diplomatic mission after the wedding so that the documents can be sent to Switzerland.


Before you get married, make sure you:

  • Find out from the register office in the country where you intend to get married what documents you need to bring with you from Switzerland.
  • Notify the Swiss diplomatic mission in the country of your intention to get married.
  • Before the marriage find out about your options for choosing a surname at the Swiss diplomatic mission in the country of your choice or at a register office in Switzerland. It is often worth taking certain steps before the marriage, so that you can share the same family name, for example. The addresses and business hours of the Swiss diplomatic missions can be found here.
  • Check with the relevant Swiss diplomatic mission before the marriage what formalities are required to ensure the marriage is recognised as quickly as possible in Switzerland.
  • For questions regarding the foreign spouse’s entry to and residence in Switzerland, contact the migration authorities in your canton of residence or the relevant diplomatic mission abroad.

Swiss diplomatic/consular missions abroad

Cantonal immigration authorities

Recognition of your marriage in Switzerland

If you or your future spouse are Swiss citizens

You need to submit the necessary documents to the Swiss diplomatic mission in the relevant country. The Swiss diplomatic mission will then forward the documents to the appropriate Swiss authority. Please note that this procedure can take some time.

If one of the spouses is a foreign national, additional documents will be required. Contact the Swiss diplomatic mission in the relevant country in good time to find out what documents are required in your situation.

If you and your future spouse are both foreign nationals

You must contact the register office for foreign nationals in your future canton of residence. It is responsible for the marriage recognition procedure.

Frequently asked questions about getting married abroad