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What to do if you buy a faulty product

When you buy a product, you keep the receipt for the guarantee. But how long are your purchases guaranteed for and when does the guarantee apply?

What are your rights?

If you discover a product is faulty after having purchased it online, what are your rights?
Under Swiss law, the buyer has three options:

  • Cancel the purchase
  • Request a reduction of the purchase price
  • Ask for a replacement with a similar product.

However, Swiss legislation is not binding. It applies only in so far as the seller has not regulated the rights of the buyer differently in a contract or in the terms and conditions relating to the product. Before each purchase, make sure you find out what terms and conditions exist, and, if they do, read them through carefully.

Problems regarding the repair of products under warranty

Guarantee period

How long are your purchases guaranteed for?

Provided that the seller does not completely withdraw their warranty, and a sales contract has been concluded between a seller acting in a business or professional capacity and a consumer making a purchase for their personal or family use, the warranty periods are as follows:

  • Two-year warranty for new products
  • One-year warranty for second-hand goods.

If the seller completely withdraws their warranty, they expose themselves to the risk of non-compliance with Art. 8 of the Federal Act on Unfair Competition (UCA).