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Are AHV or IV annuitants entitled to supplementary benefits?

Who is entitled to supplementary benefits?

If you are an AHV and IV annuitant, receive an invalidity allowance or received a daily allowance from IV for at least 6 without interruption, you are entitled to supplementary benefits when your income does not cover basic needs. To be eligible, you must be domiciled in Switzerland, reside there and fulfil a certain number of legal requirement described below.

Conditions to be fulfilled to receive supplementary benefits

Calculating supplementary benefits

How to request supplementary benefits

Contact your supplementary benefits office to request supplementary benefits.

Your obligation: providing any pertinent information

You must immediately notify the relevant supplementary benefits office of any changes in your personal circumstances (e.g. change of address) or in your financial situation (rent, inheritance, etc.). In the event of a wilful failure to provide information, you will have to refund the benefits you were mistakenly paid.

Contacting your supplementary benefits office

Pro Senectute

Pro Senectute, an organisation for the elderly, can also provide information about supplementary benefits. Contact the nearest Pro Senectute office.