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When will my child start school?

As a parent you would like to know when your child will start kindergarten or the first learning cycle. Here you can find out about starting school in Switzerland.

Enrolment age

Primary level education covers eight years, beginning with two years of kindergarten or the first learning cycle. The cantons set the age at which children start primary level, which in most cases is four years old. If a child has reached this age by the set cut-off date, they start at the beginning of the next school year, in late summer. The education authority may consider an earlier or later start upon request from the parents.

Ready for school

The time a child takes for the first years of school depends on their development and level of maturity. In the German-speaking part of Switzerland an assessment is usually made at the end of kindergarten whether a child is ready for primary school  or whether they should attend kindergarten for a further year. In the French-speaking part of Switzerland this assessment takes place at the end of the four-year cycle 1 or cycle primaire 1.

Teachers, parents and, where appropriate, school psychology or medical services are consulted to assess whether a child is ready for school. The final decision lies with the school supervisory authority or the school management.

Cantons have own cut-off dates

The cut-off date for reaching the minimum enrolment age for kindergarten or the first learning cycle is between 28 February and 31 July in 24 cantons. In 17 cantons it is the 31 July.

Information on the cut-off date and minimum enrolment age