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Simplified naturalisation

Under certain conditions, the foreign spouse or children of a Swiss citizen may qualify for the simplified naturalisation procedure.

Naturalisation of registered partners

Unlike for married spouses, there is no simplified naturalisation procedure for foreign nationals who are registered partners of a Swiss citizen.

Foreign nationals in a registered partnership may only make an application for regular naturalisation; simplified naturalisation is not possible. The applicant must have lived in Switzerland for at least five years in total, including for the 12 months prior to submitting an application. They must also have lived for at least three years in a registered partnership with a Swiss citizen and hold a residence permit (permit C).

Requirements for simplified naturalisation of spouses

Information on simplified naturalisation of children

Simplified Naturalisation of Third-Generation Immigrants

Submission of naturalisation application


The simplified naturalisation procedure usually takes about one and a half years on average.

Fees for simplified naturalisation