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Support at school for children from immigrant backgrounds

Children who speak a different language at home often have to overcome additional hurdles at school because the language used in lessons is not their native language. Schools offer extra support for pupils depending on their previous knowledge of the language.

Integration of children who speak a different language

During enrolment, the education authorities assess which children have no knowledge of the local national language and those that do. Depending on the number of children, the education authorities offer intensive language courses or classes for speakers of other languages alongside normal lessons.

Information on the canton’s guidelines on the integration of children and young people from immigrant backgrounds.

Information on local provision and enrolment

Home language and culture courses

Courses for children on their home language and culture are organized by the relevant consulates and by parents’ associations. You will find an overview of courses and activities on offer on the website of your canton’s immigration office.

List of home language and culture courses in your canton