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At what age can I retire?

Statutory retirement age

In Switzerland, the statutory retirement age is 65 for men and 64 for women.

Early retirement

With regard to the 1st pillar, you may withdraw your AHV pension 1 or 2 years ahead of time. This will, however, reduce your pension throughout retirement by 6.8% (for 1 year) or by 13.6% (for 2 years). The terms and conditions for early retirement are described in the brochure on flexible retirement below (available in German, French or Italian).

With regard to the 2nd pillar, you have the option to retire early only if your pension fund’s regulations expressly provide for early retirement and under the conditions set by the pension. The minimum age for early retirement is set at 58. In this case, you will only receive your occupational pension (2nd pillar) until you reach the statutory retirement age. To bridge the gap until you receive your AHV pension, check with your pension fund to see if it provides a supplementary pension, known as the ‘AHV bridge’. Employers sometimes offer this supplementary pension; if not, it is up to the employee to take out this pension on his/her own.

Early retirement reduces AHV and 2nd pillar pensions throughout retirement.

Postponed retirement

At normal retirement age, you may postpone receiving your AHV pension by 1 to 5 years. A supplement determined by the length of postponement is added to the old age pension throughout retirement. The terms and conditions for postponed retirement are described in the brochure on flexible retirement below

Brochure on flexible retirement age