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Reinstatement of Swiss citizenship

How you can lose citizenship and how you can regain it.

Reinstatement of citizenship

If you are no longer a Swiss citizen

  • because you have lost your citizenship for certain legal reasons,
  • because you have been relieved of Swiss citizenship at your own request, or
  • because you married a foreign national before 1992,

you can apply to have your citizenship reinstated.

Reinstatement of citizenship – what you need to know

Loss of citizenship

Loss of Swiss citizenship

You can loose your Swiss citizenship under various circumstances:                                                           

  • For legal reasons:
    • If the parent-child relationship through which you acquired Swiss citizenship is severed;
    • If you are born abroad to a Swiss citizen but not registered with a Swiss authority by the time you reach the age of 25.
  • By official decree:
    • If you have been relieved of your Swiss citizenship at your own request;
    • If you have dual nationality but your Swiss citizenship is revoked as a result of conduct deemed to be seriously detrimental to the interests or the reputation of Switzerland.

See the State Secretariat for Migration website for details.

Loss of cantonal or communal citizenship

Cantonal and communal regulations provide for the loss of cantonal and communal citizenship in certain cases (such as multiple citizenships). This is possible as long as your Swiss citizenship is not affected.

State Secretariat for Migration – Loss of Swiss citizenship

How you can be "relieved" of your Swiss citizenship

  • Swiss citizenship: If you are a Swiss citizen residing abroad who also holds (or has been assured of) citizenship of another country, you may ask to be relieved your Swiss citizenship at a Swiss representation abroad. The application is then forwarded via the State Secretariat for Migration to the relevant authority in your canton of origin.
  • Cantonal and communal citizenship: If you wish to be relieved of your cantonal or communal citizenship, the procedure, which does not affect your Swiss citizenship, is governed by the provisions of the canton or commune concerned.