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Regular naturalisation

Regular naturalisation procedure and duration

  • Depending on cantonal legislation, naturalisation applications must be submitted to the commune or to the canton. To find out which authority to contact, click on the link “Locating and contacting authority responsible for naturalisation below.
  • After submitting your naturalisation application, you will be invited to a personal interview where you will be informed of the subsequent steps to be taken.
  • Naturalisation procedures vary considerably from one commune or canton to another: some communes, for instance, require applicants to take a verbal or written naturalisation test while others leave the naturalisation decision up to the communal assembly.
  • The duration of the naturalisation procedure varies considerably from one canton to another. Contact the local communal or cantonal authorities for more information.

Overview of naturalisation procedure

Questions about application form

Locating and contacting authority responsible for naturalisation

Moving during the naturalisation procedure

If you move house during the naturalisation procedure, the cantonal or communal authority to which you have made the application remains responsible for the application until it has finished investigating whether the conditions for naturalisation are met.

Fees for regular naturalisation

Commune* Between CHF 500 and CHF 1,000 per person
Canton* Up to CHF 2,000 per person
  • Married couple with or without under-age children: CHF 150
  • Unmarried individual with or without person under-age children: CHF 100
  • Under-age child: CHF 50

*These fees vary significantly from one commune or canton to another and should be considered as a ballpark figure.

There may also be additional costs for residence certificate, criminal record certificate, debt registry certificate, etc. Contact the authority responsible for naturalisation for more information.