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Registering as unemployed

Are you unemployed? Notify the relevant office without delay.

Contact your commune of residence to find out where you need to register when you are unemployed (this will be either your commune of residence or the nearest regional employment centre (RAV). You have to register in person and at the latest on the first day as of which you would like to claim unemployment benefits.

You need to bring along the following documents:

  • An OASI-IV insurance certificate or health insurance card
  • Official piece of personal identification
  • In cantons requiring initial registration directly at a RAV centre, you also need to produce a residence certificate or a residence confirmation from your commune of residence
  • A 'Registration at the commune of residence' form, if initial registration did not take place at a RAV centre.
  • Foreign nationals must also produce their permanent residence permit or a foreign national identity card

The commune will let you know what steps you need to take. Once you have registered, your regional employment centre (RAV) will invite you to an information day. Individual consultations with a RAV consultant will follow.

Unemployment registration at your commune of residence or a RAV centre

Enter your postcode on the following webpage (available in German, French and Italian). You will then be guided to the relevant employment office (if there is one in your commune of residence) or directly to a RAV centre.