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How do I register the birth of my child to the authorities?

Any child born in Switzerland needs to be registered at the civil register office of the district in which the child is born. This has to be done within three days of the birth.

Required documents

Usually the hospital in which you give birth will register the child.

If a child is not born in a hospital, the mother or legal father (man married to the mother who has recognised or is going to recognise the child) should register the birth. The parents can ask a third person to register the birth by proxy, indicating in writing to the civil registrar the name of the person who has been asked to register the birth.

You must take along the following documents when you register a birth at a civil register office:

  • proof of address
  • piece of identification
  • report or birth certificate of the doctor or the midwife
  • the civil register office will indicate you the additional documents to provide if necessary

Registering a birth

Please contact the register office in the district in which your child was or will be born.