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Probationary driving licence

Learner drivers in Switzerland complete their training in two stages in order to receive their permanent licence. After passing the practical test (stage 1), new drivers have to take two compulsory drivers’ education courses within three years (stage 2).

Who is issued a probationary driving licence?

Anyone applying for a category A (motorcycle) or category B (passenger car) driving licence.

When will you get your probationary driving licence?

When you pass your theory and practical driving tests.

How long is the probation period?

The probation period lasts three years. If you commit a traffic offence and your licence is confiscated, the probationary period is extended by a year. The expiry date appears on your probationary licence. You do not have to display anything on your vehicle.

Information on the driving licence in two stages

Obtaining a permanent driving licence

The permanent driving licence is issued at the end of the probation period to drivers who have attended the two days of compulsory courses. You do not need to take another test.