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Pregnancy – what health insurance covers

Costs fully covered – no deductible or retention fee

Health insurance covers the cost of follow-up check-ups during pregnancy, birth, post-natal care and breastfeeding advice. You do not have to pay any part of the costs – there is no deductible, retention fee or hospital fee. Your health insurer covers the cost of giving birth in hospital, at a birthing centre or at home. Paid follow-up check-ups include two ultrasound scans for a normal pregnancy as well as first-trimester screening to test for the risk of trisomies 21, 18 and 13 and non-invasive prenatal testing (NIPT) if the risk of trisomy is high. If this is the case, the costs of an amniotic fluid analysis and chorion villus sampling (test for inherited disorders) are covered. Depending on the clinical evaluation, the cost of the examinations may also be met.


  • Complications between the first week of pregnancy up until the 12th week are still classed as illnesses, so you will still have to contribute towards treatment costs during this period of the pregnancy.
  • Women who suffer complications or illnesses from the 13th week of pregnancy until eight weeks after the birth don't have to contribute to the cost of treatment.
  • If you choose to give birth in a hospital or birthing centre which is not on the list of the canton in which you live, you need to check that the costs will be met by your health insurer.
  • Health insurers only contribute to the costs of ante-natal courses if these are run by a midwife or midwives' organization.

Hospital costs for babies also covered

Your health insurance fully covers the cost of your baby’s and your stay in hospital – there is no deductible, retention fee or hospital fee. However, if your baby requires hospital treatment due to illness, this is covered by the baby’s insurance, and you have to contribute to the costs (retention fee).

Cover in pregnancy and at birth

Cantonal hospital lists