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Practical driving test

During the practical test, an expert assesses your ability to drive a motor vehicle of your chosen category safely and follow the traffic regulations. In order to obtain the necessary skills and to prepare for the test, you are strongly recommended to take driving lessons with a professional instructor.

Booking your test

When you feel comfortable driving, have enough driving experience and have attended the required courses (e.g. compulsory theory course) you can sign up for the practical test.

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Test requirements

The vehicle in which you intend to take your test must be in the correct category, in a roadworthy condition, meet all regulations and display an L-plate (white L on blue background) clearly on the back.
You must bring the following documents with you:

  • a valid identity document (passport, identity card or residence permit)
  • your provisional driving licence
  • a driving licence obtained for another vehicle category if applicable
  • vehicle registration document of vehicle used for the test.

If you pass

After you pass your test you will receive your credit card format probationary driving licence by post.

If you fail

Procedure after first failed attempt

If you fail the test, you can generally retake the test after a month. For more information contact your canton’s road traffic office.

Procedure after second failed attempt

You have to provide a certificate from a recognised driving instructor stating that you have completed your training.

Procedure after third failed attempt

If you fail the practical driving test at the third attempt, you will have to undergo a driving aptitude test before being permitted to take a further test. Your cantonal road traffic office will refer you to the appropriate service. If you fail this test, your provisional licence is no longer valid. The legal basis for this measure is provided by the Road Traffic Licensing Ordinance.

Procedure after fourth failed attempt

If you fail your driving test a fourth time or if you do not pass the driving aptitude test taken after your third attempt, you may only take another test if you are given a positive psychological assessment on your ability to drive.


The list of fines lists all traffic violations incurring a fine of maximum CHF 300. Click below to view the list.

Information provided by your cantonal road traffic office