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Personal liability insurance

Liability insurance is not mandatory. It is, however, strongly recommended to purchase liability insurance. What does it cover and how does it work?

Civil liability

You incur liability when you intentionally or unwittingly cause loss or damage to another person. You then have the obligation to compensate them. You also incur liability when a person, animal or property you are responsible for causes loss or damage to a third party.                           

You incur liability, for example, if you break your colleague’s glasses; if your child breaks your neighbour’s window while playing ball; if your dog attacks someone in the street and rips their brand-new leather coat; or if a flowerpot falls from your balcony and damages the car parked below. 

Anyone can be held liable to the extent not only of their total assets, but also their current and future income. 

This is why it is important to purchase personal liability insurance for yourself and your family.

The principle

Liability insurance provides coverage for you and your family for:

  • personal injury and damage to property,
  • damage prevention costs,
  • loss of income or assets due to personal injury or damage to property,
  • defending unjustified claims.                                          

When shopping for insurance, you may want to consider adding certain options.

You can, for example, add coverage for damage you might cause to cars that you regularly drive, but which you do not own.

It should be noted that proof of liability insurance is required for renting an apartment. The insurance covers you for damage to the property. 

What your liability insurance does not cover

Your liability insurance does not cover:  

  • damage, injury or losses that you or a person living in your household sustains,
  • damage, injury or losses that you sustain in the course of your professional activity (see our webpage on Accident insurance),
  • damage due to wear and tear,
  • damage, injury or losses that are or should have been foreseeable,
  • losses related to the transmission of a contagious disease,

damage, injury or losses caused by an intentional felony or misdemeanour. 

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