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Pensions for the surviving spouse and children of the deceased

To prevent financial hardship after the death of a spouse or a parent, the survivors (spouse, registered same-sex partner, children) receive a surviving dependants’ pension. A distinction is made between a widow’s, a widower’s and an orphan’s pension.


Survivors are entitled to a surviving dependants’ pension provided the deceased paid AHV contributions for at least one year.                                 

If there are no gaps in the deceased’s contributions, the minimum and maximum pensions are as follows (2019):


Minimum amount CHF/month

Maximum amount

Widow’s or widower’s pension 948.- 1896.-
Orphan’s pension 474.- 948.-

Survivors who already receive a retirement or invalidity pension, receive an additional 20% on top of their retirement or invalidity pension (see factsheet 3.03, annex) instead of a separate survivor dependant's pension.

To find out the exact amount of your surviving dependants’ pension, contact the office of the deceased’s AHV pension fund.

AHV district office addresses

Requirements for the AHV surviving dependants’ pension

The AHV factsheet specifies the conditions required to obtain a surviving dependants’ pension and provides further information (e.g. pension rights of divorced persons, rights in cases with an incomplete AHV contribution history, rights of persons receiving a retirement or disability pension).

Factsheet 3.03 – AHV surviving dependants’ pension

Application form for a surviving dependants’ pension


Cohabitees are not eligible for a widow’s or a widower’s pension from the AHV or from the accident insurance.

A number of pension funds offer cohabitees a limited surviving dependants’ pension on the death of a partner. Contact the deceased’s pension organisation (pension fund or occupational pension institution).