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Paternity test - rights and obligations

A paternity test is an analysis to determine the specific characteristics of a person’s genetic make-up. It produces a genetic fingerprint which can prove the biological relationship between a child and its father.

In Switzerland, a genetic analysis to establish paternity may only be performed if it is in the interests of the child concerned. The child, if he or she is capable of discernment, must therefore consent to the test. If the child is a minor, parental consent is required. If the child is incapable of discernment, the consent of the person responsible for the child is required. Any test carried out secretly cannot be used in court and is a criminal offence.

Who should I contact?

If you have the consent of the parties concerned, you can apply for a paternity test by contacting an institute of forensic medicine or a laboratory authorised by the federal authorities. Test kits available on the internet are not admissible in court, as there is no way of checking where the material submitted for analysis came from.

The recognised laboratories/institutes are required to verify the identity of the persons concerned, who must be able to prove their identity by means of valid official identity documents.

Federally designated laboratories authorised to establish DNA profiles