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Who mediates in the case of problems with a public administrative office or a private company?

If you have a problem with a public administrative office or a private company, you can apply to an ombudsman service, which will try to help the two conflicting parties to reach an agreement. This service is neutral, independent and free of charge.

Public administration

Do you feel that you are not being treated properly by your cantonal or local administration? The ombudsperson can advise you and mediate in conflict situations.

Addresses of ombudsman services in the cantons and cities

Ombudsman services on specific topics

Non parliamentary ombudsman services
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Ombudsman services by sector

There are also numerous ombudsman services for disputes with private sector companies.

Health insurance

If you have a dispute with a health insurance company you can contact the health insurance ombudsman service. However, this only applies if you are not represented by a lawyer or social services and do not have legal protection insurance.


The Swiss Banking Ombudsman handles complaints by clients of banks based in Switzerland.

Private insurance companies and Suva

If you have a problem with an insurance company, you can contact the Swiss Insurance Ombudsman.

Public transport

The Ombudsman Service for Public Transport provides support in disputes with public transport operators.


The Ombudsman Service for Communications mediates in disputes with telecommunications firms.

Travel industry

If something goes wrong on your holiday, you can turn to the ombudsman service for the Swiss travel industry.

Advertising standards

The Swiss Advertising Standards Commission tackles misleading advertising and addresses complaints from consumers.

Radio and TV

If you have a complaint regarding a radio or TV programme, you can contact the Independent Complaints Authority for Radio and Television.

Internet: Domain names

The SWITCH dispute resolution service can be contacted in disputes concerning domain names.


If you disagree with a bill from your dentist, you can check whether the correct tariffs were applied.

Swiss hotel industry

The Ombudsman's office is there for guests and hoteliers - as an independent and neutral place - offering advice and mediation.