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Notification of departure and registration

When you move, it is important to notify your commune of residence of your departure and register with your new commune of residence.

Most communes require you to notify them of your departure or register with them in person. In general, you are expected to register with your new commune of residence within 14 days of your move.

Take the following documents with you:

  • Certificate of origin, for individuals or couples (your previous commune of residence will return your certificate of origin to you when you leave. You can order a new certificate of origin from the civil register office of your commune of origin.)
  • Family booklet / Family record document, if you have children.
  • Your health insurance card or proof of your current health insurance policy.

If you are moving to an address within the same commune, simply notify the residents' registration office of your change of address.

If you own a dog, you will also need to notify your previous commune and register your pet with your new commune of residence.

Notifying your commune of your departure

Registering with your new commune