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Name changes after a divorce

The new legal provisions on names (since 2013) make it easier to change your name after a divorce.

Both people keep the name they took when they got married unless they wish to revert to their old name.

Changing back to your previous name

You can change back to the name you had before you got married at any time after the divorce. All you have to do is to make a declaration to the civil register office.

What happens to the children’s names?

The divorce has no influence on a child's name. It can only be changed for important reasons with a name change application.

Addresses of Swiss civil register offices


  • If you remarry, both husband and wife keep their previous name, even if that name is from another marriage.
  • If you took a surname in a previous marriage, you cannot use the same surname as a shared surname in your new marriage.
  • The original surname of one of the partners must be chosen if you want to adopt a shared surname.