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Moving to Switzerland: What do I need to know?

Anyone moving to Switzerland from abroad needs to bring their personal belongings across the border. With a few preparations, your move should run smoothly. You need to complete all formalities for your stay in Switzerland before entering the country.


To bring your personal belongings, including furniture, dishes, books, clothing, etc., into Switzerland duty free, you need a transfer of domicile. At the entry point customs office you will need to provide proof of transfer of domicile in the form of a rental agreement, employment contract, etc.

You are also required to provide an inventory of the imported items, all of which you must have used for at least six months before the move and which you will continue to use afterwards. Make sure you cross the border with your belongings during regular opening hours at a crossing point which processes commercial goods.

Moving to Switzerland

You can find further information on Federal Customs Administration website.

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