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Staying in touch with Switzerland

You live abroad, but would like to stay in touch with Switzerland. There are lots of ways of doing so.

News about Switzerland

The Swiss Revue is aimed at Swiss living abroad. It is published online and is printed in five languages. The printed version is delivered to all households which register with their Swiss embassy or general consulate.  

Swiss Revue – the magazine for the Swiss Abroad is the Confederation’s news portal aimed at an international audience with an interest in Switzerland, and at Swiss people living abroad.

swissinfo – Swiss news in 10 languages

Information on rights and obligations

Each year around 28,000 Swiss people go abroad to live, work, study or enjoy their retirement. Switzerland offers many services to its citizens living abroad.

FDFA information

Political rights

Swiss citizens living abroad may also take part in political life in Switzerland.

FDFA information

Military service

Swiss living abroad are exempt from recruitment and the duty to do military service during times of peace. There are some exceptions for those living in the vicinity of the Swiss border.

DDPS information (in German)
DDPS - Urlaub (in German)

Contact with the Swiss community abroad

The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad (ASO) is a networking organisation for Swiss people living abroad. It offers a range of services, including the online platform, on which Swiss people around the world can exchange news and connect.

aso – The Organisation of the Swiss Abroad – connect


Swiss schools abroad and education opportunities in Switzerland for the Swiss Abroad.


Cultural exchange

Pro Helvetia promotes Swiss art and culture in Switzerland and abroad.

pro helvetia