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Missing and found pets

What to do if you lose or find a pet.

Missing pets

  • If your pet has some form of identification (chip or tattoo) registered in the ANIS pet database, report the missing animal to ANIS and check your personal details in the database.
  •  If your pet does not have any identification, report it as missing to the cantonal authorities (see link below). You may also want to inform the communal authorities and enter the missing animal on the national lost-and-found pets register website.
  • WARNING: AMICUS is the database for dogs

Found animals

  • Take the animal to a vet, animal shelter or the police so they can check to see if the animal has a chip implanted.
  • If the animal has a chip, the chip number allows AMICUS to identify the animal and its owner.
  • If the animal does not have a chip, report it to the cantonal authorities and inform the local commune. 

Found animals must be reported:

  • If you find an animal, you must report it to the cantonal missing pet authorities
  • If the animal can be returned to its owner immediately on the basis of its microchip or tattoo, it does not have to be reported to the cantonal authorities.

ANIS pet database

Cantonal lost-and-found pet registration office