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Minimum wage and average earnings in Switzerland

Swiss law does not specify any minimum wage or average earnings. In most cases, pay levels are agreed between the employer and the employee during the recruitment process.

In addition to individual employment contracts, various branches or companies negotiate collective employment agreements. Trade unions and employers (or the employers’ federation) determine certain elements of the agreement, including provisions relating to wages, continuation of wage payments, vacation, working hours and termination of employment.

For certain professions with weak union representation and not covered by a collective agreement, the authorities can issue standard employment contracts.

Wage calculator

The online wage calculator of the  Swiss Federal Statistical Office will give you an idea of typical salary ranges based on the training and education required for your job in Switzerland.

Equal pay

The principle of equal pay for women and men is enshrined in the Federal Constitution and in the Gender Equality Act. Both sexes must be equally compensated for equal and equivalent work. Contact the Federal Office for Gender Equality for information on what you need to do in the event of pay discrimination.