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I draw an old age pension or receive incapacity benefit: Am I entitled to aids?

Your rights

If you receive incapacity benefit you are entitled to receive medical aids (crutches, magnifying glasses, dentures, lifts, etc.) for your work, training or just everyday life. Certain aids are also paid for for old age pensioners. The following factsheets provide an overview.

3.02 Information sheet "Medical aids - AHV"

4.03 Information sheet "Medical aids - IV/AI"

Applying for help

If you want to claim for medical aids then you need to complete the forms below and send them to the compensation office which issues your pension or to the cantonal invalidity insurance office.

009.001 Application form - medical aids - AHV

Finding and contacting your compensation office

001.002 Application form - medical aids - IV/AI

Cantonal invalidity insurance offices