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Maternity leave and allowance

Mothers are entitled to 14 weeks of paid maternity leave. Since 1 January 2021, fathers have also been entitled to 2 weeks of paid paternity leave.

Maternity leave:

14 weeks

80% of earnings

Maternity leave lasts  98 days (or 14 weeks), from the day it starts. Both full-time and part-time employees are entitled to maternity leave. Women who return to work earlier lose their entitlement to compensation.

Mothers are paid 80% of their earnings in the form of a maternity allowance of up to 196 francs per day. Cantonal provisions, personnel regulations and collective employment contracts may provide for more generous solutions.

Women may not work during the first eight weeks after the birth.


To receive the daily allowance, employees must be insured under AHV for the nine months prior to the birth and must have worked for at least five months during pregnancy. In addition, at the time of birth, expectant mothers must still be employed, self-employed or working in their husband’s company for a cash wage.

If a woman received unemployment benefit or met the conditions to receive it before the birth, then she is entitled to receive maternity benefit.

Woman unable to work owing to sickness, injury or disability and because of this are receiving daily benefits from a social or private insurer, also receive the daily allowance. This, only if the daily benefits they receive are calculated on the basis of a previous salary.

Employees will not receive a daily allowance if these conditions are not satisfied, and may not work during this time.

Beginning of maternity leave

Maternity leave begins the day the child is born.

Termination of the working relationship

Employees may not be dismissed during maternity leave.

Brochure on maternity protection at the workplace