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I've lost something – what should I do?

What you can do if you have lost important property.

Have you lost something, or left it lying somewhere? Anyone who finds it is legally required to hand the item in, to a lost property office, for example.

Where did you lose the property? Who can you contact in person, by telephone, or online
  • In a public place (e.g. in the street)
  • Police station: report your loss to the police (this is not a report of a criminal offence).
  • Contact the lost property office in your local commune.
  • In someone's home
  • In a public building (cinema,theatre, gym, swimming pool, etc.)
  • the owner of the building
  • the caret
  • area security guard
  • etc.
  • station
  • train
  • other forms of public transport
  • The appropriate office of the transport company concerned: SBB, Postauto lost property office, etc.
  •  Airport
  •  Airport lost property office


By law, you have to pay the finder an appropriate reward, as a guide, normally 10 per cent of the value of the property found.

SBB lost property office

Communal lost property office

Online lost property office

If you have registered an item with the online lost property office and attached an easyfind code sticker or tag to it (available for a fee), you don't have to do anything. The finder or the lost property office will contact you automatically. You can still check whether the labelled item has been handed into any of the lost property offices participating in the Swiss lost and found service.