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Letter of invitation and declaration of sponsorship

Depending on the country of origin, the Swiss diplomatic/consular mission will require foreign visitors to present a letter of invitation or declaration of sponsorship from an inviting party in order to obtain a visa.

Letter of invitation

The letter of invitation must indicate that the party extending the invitation (company or individual) expects the foreign guest. The letter should include information about the duration of the stay, the purpose of the stay and the number of trips to Switzerland to be made.

The letter must indicate the contact details of the inviting party and the foreign guest (surname, first name, date of birth, citizenship), date and signature of the inviting party (if a company, then the person extending the invitation must have power of signature as indicated in the trade register). In addition, the letter must be drafted in one of Switzerland’s official languages. It is not bound to any particular format.

The foreign guest must demonstrate to the Swiss mission that he/she has adequate financial resources to cover the costs of the trip. This may be demonstrated through a salary statement or bank statement. If the costs of the trip, accommodation and food are covered by the inviting party, this should be mentioned in the letter of invitation.

Declaration of sponsorship

If there are any doubts regarding the adequacy of financial resources available to the visa applicant, the Swiss diplomatic/consular mission may require that the visa applicant obtain a declaration of sponsorship. This is an official form that must be signed by the inviting party and confirmed by the communal authority or cantonal migration office of the place of residence of the inviting party. By signing this form, the inviting party undertakes to pay any uncovered costs in relation to the foreign guest’s visit up to CHF 30,000.

Travel insurance

The authorities can require proof of traveller’s insurance. This insurance covers associated costs up to EUR 30,000 and includes any rescue services, repatriation to the country of origin for medical reasons and any emergency hospital care in the event of an accident or sudden illness during the person’s stay in Switzerland. Contact your insurance company for more information.