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Joining the police

How to become a federally qualified police officer in Switzerland.


The training requirements for police officers are laid down by the canton and the police force concerned. A principle of ‘hiring before training’ applies. You apply to become a member of the police force and then attend police college if you are selected for the job.

Duration, pay and exams

The basic training including practical experience in the general section of the force lasts for ten months at least and is paid. Candidates graduate after passing the Federal PET examination to become a "Police Officer with Federal PET Diploma".


The requirements for joining the police force and for admission to police college vary from canton to canton. For more information on what the job involves and on the selection procedure, contact the police force in the canton where you live.

Conditions of employment

The work carried out by police officers varies from force to force. Employment conditions are based on cantonal, city or communal guidelines. Having completed training, you will be required to commit to working in the police force for at least two to five years.

Job description for a police officer

Application form for becoming a police officer / cantonal police officer / joining the police force