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Invalidity insurance (IV/AI)

Invalidity insurance (IV/AI) is a compulsory social insurance scheme. Its purpose is to help reintegrate people who have been unable to work for health reasons into the working world. If they are unable to return to work, individuals are ensured a basic subsistence through the invalidity insurance pension.

Definition of invalidity

You are entitled to invalidity insurance benefits if you are permanently unable to work or if you are not able to work for an extended period (or only partially) as a result of a physical, psychological or mental impairment (due to a disability you have had from birth, illness or an accident). You are also entitled to invalidity insurance benefits when you are no longer able to carry out regular tasks (e.g. household chores) for the same reasons.

Who is covered by invalidity insurance?

Every one living or working in Switzerland is covered by compulsory invalidity insurance. Swiss citizens or those of EU and EFTA member countries can also make voluntary contributions to Swiss invalidity insurance if they live outside of these countries.

Information on joining voluntary invalidity insurance

Registering invalidity insurance claims

Claims for invalidity insurance must be registered with the invalidity insurance office in your canton of residence. The application form is available online (see link below) or from your invalidity insurance office. It is important to register claims early, if possible as soon as there is any indication that the medical condition will be long lasting. If you register late there is a chance your payments will be reduced. When your application has been accepted, the insurance office will be able to tell you the type and amount of benefits you will receive.

Application forms for IV/AI insurance

Cantonal invalidity insurance offices

Up-to-date information on IV/AI and the revision of the invalidity insurance system.