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Entering Switzerland with a motor vehicle

When bringing a vehicle into Switzerland, a distinction is made between:

  • Importation of undeclared vehicles
  • Temporary importation for personal use
  • Move to Switzerland from abroad

Please note that you have to display a motorway sticker or ‘vignette’ to use motorways in Switzerland.

Importing undeclared and untaxed vehicles

Importing vehicles

Your must declare your vehicle without being asked to do so at a manned border crossing which processes trade goods.

Technical test of imported vehicles

Every foreign vehicle must undergo a technical test at the cantonal road traffic office before it can be used in traffic.

Temporary importation of private vehicles

  • Tourists residing abroad may use their vehicle in Switzerland for a maximum period of one year without declaring their vehicle to Customs.

  • Restrictions apply for foreign business travellers, employees and students.

Moving to Switzerland

Vehicles belonging to people moving to Switzerland (that had been used for at least six months abroad) are duty free.

 After you have cleared customs, you need to register your vehicle at the road traffic office in your canton of residence, except if you are only bringing it into Switzerland temporarily.