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Health insurance premiums

Health insurance premiums increase in 2021:

0.5 % an average

Annual premiums

Notice of the premiums 2021 has been given at the end of September 2020, after having been approved by the Federal Office of Public Health. Health insurance premiums vary depending on the insurer and where you live.

Premium calculator: compare premiums according to insurer and insurance model

Optimise your premiums

Depending on which health insurance company and insurance model you choose – e.g. by agreeing to restrict your choice of doctor or hospital or by increasing your own share of the costs (the deductible) – you can reduce your insurance premiums.

If you want to take advantage of any of these options, you can find out what to do below, along with specimen letters to send to your health insurance company.

Make savings on your basic insurance

Specimen letters to your health insurance company