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Health insurance for your baby

Basic insurance – no later than three months after the birth

Your baby must be insured by his/her legal representative for health risks from birth. To ensure that this cover applies, you have to take out health insurance for your baby within three months of his or her birth.

Free choice of insurance company

Children don't have to be insured with the same company as their parents. You are free to choose the insurance company (from the list of authorised insurers) and acceptance for basic insurance is unconditionally guaranteed. The health insurance companies cannot refuse to accept anyone.

What happens if you fail to register or register late

If you register your child late (after three months), insurance cover begins from the date on which the policy is taken out, and the health insurance company will not reimburse your costs arising from the birth. If you fail to take out any insurance, you will simply be allocated to a health insurance company.

List of authorised health insurance companies

Supplementary insurance – if possible before the birth

Health insurance companies can also refuse to accept babies for supplementary insurance (e.g. if they have a medical condition from birth). If you want to take out supplementary insurance for your new child, you should do so before the child is born – if your health insurance company offers this option.