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What should I do in the case of fire?

In the event of a fire, it is important to take appropriate action immediately in order to keep damage to a minimum. Stay calm and carefully follow the three golden rules of conduct: Raise the alarm – Rescue others – Put out the fire.

Raise the alarm, Rescue others (Tel. 118), Put out the fire

  1. Raise the alarm
    • Call the fire service on 118;
    • Warn any people who could be in danger.
  2. Rescue others
    • Rescue people and animals from areas on fire.
    • Close windows and doors and leave the scene of the fire using emergency exits.
    • If emergency exits cannot be used due to flames or smoke: stay in your room and wait by the window for the fire service.
  3. Put out the fire
    • Fight the fire using suitable means (portable fire extinguisher, fire blankets, etc.)
    • Indicate the source of the fire as soon as the fire service arrives.

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