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Family reunification for EU/EFTA citizens living in Switzerland

You live in Switzerland and would like your family to move here. Different requirements apply, depending on the country of origin.

EU/EFTA citizens holding a Swiss residence permit may bring the following family members to Switzerland under the family reunification programme, regardless of their nationality:

  • Spouse, registered partnership
  • Children and grandchildren under the age of 21, or older if they can be supported financially,
  • Parents and grandparents, if they can be supported financially (if they need financial support, proof of support must be provided before entering Switzerland)
  • If you are enrolled in an education and training programme, you may only bring your spouse, dependent children under the family reunification programme.

The following requirements must be met in order for family reunification to take place:

  • Your apartment must be large enough – by Swiss standards – to accommodate the entire family.
  • If you are self-employed or not employed: you must prove that you have adequate financial resources to cover the living expenses of family members.

Upon arrival in Switzerland, family members must present the following documents:

  • Valid ID card or passport,
  • Visa if applicable (citizens of non-EU/EFTA countries who require a visa under the entry regulations),
  • Certificate issued by the authorities in the country of origin proving that the person is related to you,
  • Anyone who will be dependent on you must present a letter issued by the authorities of the country of origin confirming that you will pay their living expenses.

The residence permits of your family members have the same period of validity as your own. Spouses and children of EU/EFTA citizens may also take up work in Switzerland. Exception: If the spouse and/or children of Croatian nationals hold a short-stay permit (Type L), they may only take up employment after obtaining authorisation (prior verification of salary and working conditions).

Detailed list of requirements established by the State Secretariat for Migration for family reunification

Applying for family reunification

Registering with the cantonal immigration and labour market authorities