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Leaving Switzerland with personal goods and vehicles

There are no specific customs regulations relating to the personal goods of persons leaving Switzerland. No export duties need to be paid to the Swiss authorities.

Bans and permits

Check with the relevant authorities before travelling abroad whether any bans or restrictions are in place, or whether permits are required, for example, with regard to animals, species protection, weapons, cultural property, etc.

Leaving Switzerland with personal goods

Foreign import regulations

Import regulations vary from country to country. For more information, contact the customs officials of the relevant country.

Addresses and opening hours of customs offices in neighbouring countries

Exporting vehicles

When leaving Switzerland with a vehicle, you need to declare it at a customs office for assessment of export duties.

Fact Sheet “Exporting motor vehicles”

Refund of Swiss VAT for foreign nationals

Persons who live outside of Switzerland may request a refund of the taxes they paid on goods (tax free). To qualify for a refund, goods purchased must have a minimum value of CHF 300.

For information on the conditions governing tax exemption and on the necessary documents, go to the website of the Federal Tax Administration.

Making tax-free purchases in Switzerland