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Should I stand for election as a member of a political party or as an independent candidate?

Are you hoping to stand for parliament? You can do so either for an existing party or as an independent, or you can create your own party.

Standing for an existing political party

You can decide to stand for an already existing political party whose opinions you share. You can find the necessary contacts on the internet. Contact the administrative office of the party of your choice in order to become a member of the party (if you are not already one) and submit your candidacy.

Setting up a new party / movement

You can also decide to found a new political party. In Switzerland, anyone is free to form a party. This is what you need to do:

How to set up a political party or join an existing one

Independent candidates

If you do not share the ideas of any of the parties and do not want to create your own, you can stand as an independent candidate.

For more information, please contact the competent authority of the canton where you live.

Last modification: november 2019