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Crossing the border in another person's car

Persons residing in Switzerland

If you live in Switzerland and borrow someone else's car, you need to consider the following:

If the vehicle is registered in Switzerland

  • Remember to have the following items with you: vehicle registration document, driving licence, exhaust inspection document, a warning triangle and valid motorway sticker.
  • Check your insurance: in addition to personal liability insurance, third party drivers need to have additional insurance.

Formulaire d'autorisation pour véhicule prêté

If the vehicle is registered abroad

In principle, persons residing in Switzerland should not be driving a vehicle registered abroad. If you drive such a car, it is considered to be imported and is subject to customs duties and taxation.

Persons residing abroad

In principle EU residents are not entitled to drive a vehicle registered in Switzerland on EU territory. If an EU resident drives a Swiss-registered vehicle borrowed from a Swiss resident in the EU, this can already be considered as car smuggling. European Union regulations apply.

If you live abroad and enter Switzerland with a motor vehicle you can find more information here: "Entering Switzerland with a motor vehicle".