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What is e-voting?

In Switzerland, “e-voting” means voting on the internet. The term “online voting” is also commonly used.

From booking our holidays and doing the shopping to applying for a new job: number of things that we can do on the internet is increasing all the time. E-voting brings these developments into the world of politics.

E-voting means that citizens can vote via the internet. This makes it possible to vote from anywhere at any time.


Switzerland is introducing e-voting step-by-step. The principle of “security before speed” applies. Currently two systems are being used: the system developed in the canton of Geneva, which is also being used by other cantons; and the e-voting system used in the canton of Neuchâtel, which was developed by SwissPost.

Federal Chancellery - Timeline for the introduction of e-voting in Switzerland

Next steps regarding the extension of e-voting

The Federal Council decides on the next steps regarding e-voting (in G, F, I)
Vote électronique - Informations by the Federal Chancellery (G, F, I)

E-voting in other countries

Only a few countries are running e-voting projects. In most cases, these projects involve voting online in polling stations.