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Official voting papers

The official voting papers are sent to your home address at least three weeks before the date of the vote. If this is not the case, contact your commune.

The official voting papers will be sent to your home address at least three weeks before the date of the vote at federal level. The papers include:

  • the ballot paper
  • a ballot envelope

and, in most cantons:

  • the envelope to use if voting by post
  • a voter identification card (or a polling card or certificate of civil status, depending on the canton).


  • the brochure provided by the Federal Council explaining the different issues that are being voted on.

The cantons may provide additional documents. They may also allow the communes to send only one copy of the explanatory brochure per household. However, if required, you can ask your commune to send this brochure to you personally.

The Swiss living abroad are sent the official voting papers by post, to their postal address abroad.

Official voting papers not received or lost

If you do not receive the official voting papers or lose them, inform your commune directly.

Official voting papers – in which language?

The commune in which you live will send you the voting papers in the official language of the canton. If you would like to receive voting papers for federal popular votes in one of the other national languages, you can request these at your local commune. The Federal Council explanations are also available in the four national languages.

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