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Not at home but still able to vote

You are on a business trip, on holiday, or in hospital, but you still want to vote. This is still possible in most cases.

Short absences

If you are away for less than three weeks, you shouldn’t have any problem casting your vote. This is because you will receive your voting papers by post between three and four weeks before polling day. So you can either vote by post before you leave – or when you get back, if that is still before polling day. And of course if you are back home on the weekend of the vote, you can simply go to your local polling station and cast your vote there.  

Longer absences

If you are away for a longer period, you can ask for the voting papers to be sent to you a little earlier. Ask your commune for the details.

There is one further option: you can arrange for your post, and thus the voting papers, to be forwarded to you. Swiss Post offers this service for a fee. If you are staying abroad, it can take a while for your voting papers to arrive and for your postal vote to arrive back in Switzerland. Remember to post your ballot in plenty of time so that it does not arrive in your commune too late.

Redirecting voting papers to a hospital

If you are in hospital for a long period of time, you can arrange for your voting papers to be sent there directly. Swiss Post will redirect your post, including voting materials, for a fee.

Swiss Post - Redirect mail