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Where do I vote ?

Citizens may vote by post or go to the polling station. Some cantons also provide online voting, giving priority to the Swiss abroad.

The official voting papers are sent to your home address at least three weeks before the vote is held. The papers include the brochure provided by the Federal Council explaining the different issues on the ballot at national level.

Official voting papers
How to complete a ballot paper correctly

Where and when to vote?

There are three different ways you can vote:

  • Go in person to the polling station in the commune where you live: take along your voting papers and follow the instructions. You then simply have to place your completed ballot paper in the ballot box (depending on the canton in which you live, you may need to first put the ballot paper in the ballot envelope). Find out in advance from your local commune where the polling station is and when it will be open.
  • Postal voting: use the voting papers sent to you by the commune and follow the instructions provided. Make sure you are aware of the deadline for posting. N.B.: in certain cantons, you have to pay for postage yourself. Some communes provide a mailbox in which you can place your ballot.
  • Voting online: the online voting system, Vote électronique, is not yet widespread, but e-voting has been offered in some cantons for federal popular votes and cantonal ballots.
Voting online
Who is entitled to vote?
First-time voters