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Salary of the members of parliament

Members of both chambers of the Swiss parliament are paid by the Confederation for their work. .

Legislation provides for the remuneration of members of parliament as follows:

• Annual salary to prepare for parliamentary work: CHF 26 000
• Daily allowance for council and committee attendance: CHF 440
• Annual allowance for staff and material expenses: CHF 33 000

On top of that, there are allowances for food, travel and accommodation, pension contributions are paid and additional expense allowances are given to council and committee presidents and vice presidents. A portion of those allowances are tax free.

Depending on the number of attendance days and the council member’s functions, the salary and allowances can amount to between CHF 130 000 and CHF 150 000 a year.

Note: the rules of certain political parties provide that council members should pay a percentage of their parliamentary remuneration to their party. For more information, please contact the party secretariats.

Parliamentary Resources Act

Revenue from other activities

The Swiss Parliament is a semi-professional parliament, allowing members of parliament to hold down another job while fulfilling their parliamentary duties.