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Swiss Parliament

The Federal Assembly is Switzerland’s federal legislature. It meets in Bern. It has two chambers: the National Council and the Council of States.

How does the Swiss Parliament work?

National Council

The National Council has 200 members who represent the Swiss people. The greater a canton’s population, the more representatives it has in the National Council.

Swiss Parliament – National Council
How many seats does your canton have in the National Council?

Council of States

The Council of States has 46 members who represent the cantons. Each canton has two representatives, except the former half-cantons, which have only one representative.

Council of States – Swiss Parliament

Members of parliament and elections

The 246 members of parliament are elected by the people every four years. They represent the interests of the various language communities, political parties, world views and regions in Switzerland.

Swiss Parliament – members of the National Council
Swiss Parliament – members of the Council of States

What do the members of parliament do and when do they meet?

The members of parliament meet regularly during session, in particular to vote on federal legislation. However, a significant part of Parliament’s work is done by the parliamentary committees while Parliament is not in session. The task of these committees is to discuss issues in advance of the sessions and to present proposals to their respective chambers.

Activities of the members of parliament
Swiss Parliament – sessions
Swiss Parliament – committees