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Political parties and their tasks

Parties are groups of people who share common political views – particularly on the role and organisation of the state and the economic and social system – and join forces to turn them into reality. Switzerland’s landscape of political parties is varied.

Tasks of the political parties

Political parties are active in all different areas and at different political levels in Switzerland (Confederation, cantons, communes). Their main tasks include:

  • Recruiting candidates for public office subject to election
  • Contributing to the formation of opinion and the will of the people
  • Establishing parliamentary groups
  • Taking part in the consultation procedure.

What political parties exist in Switzerland?

There are many different political parties in Switzerland. There are parties that exist only at communal or cantonal level, while other parties are active in all the cantons. There is no official overview of the parties in Switzerland, but on the Swiss Parliament website you will find a list of all the parties represented in the Federal Assembly.

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