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Financing of political parties

How are political parties financed?

In Switzerland, political parties take the legal form of an association, and are therefore non-profit oriented. Switzerland has no national legislation on the financing of political parties. The sources of political parties’ finances include:

  • Annual membership fees;
  • Private gifts and donations;
  • Proceeds from the sale of products and services;
  • Parliamentary group contributions;
  • Contributions from party members who belong to an executive, members of parliament, judges and elected officials affiliated to the party.

No obligation to inform

In most cantons, the political parties are not required to disclose the source of their donations, even if some cantons are required to do so.

Group of States against Corruption

The Group of States against corruption (known by its French acronym, GRECO), which is represented in Switzerland by the Federal Office of Justice (FOJ), requires clear rules on donations to political organisations.

Swiss cooperation with GRECO
Group of States against Corruption (GRECO)