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How to have information removed from the debt enforcement register

You believe that the debt enforcement proceedings were unjustified. You filed an objection notice and the creditor decided not to pursue the debt. Three months have passed since you received the payment summons.

  • You can send a request to your local debt enforcement office asking for the record of the summons to be deleted from the debt enforcement register. The fee for this is CHF 40. The link below takes you to request form (not available in English).

You have paid the amount you owed or come to some other arrangement with the creditor.

  • You can ask the creditor for a declaration stating that they are no longer pursuing the debt. The creditor is not obliged to provide this. Any declaration provided should be sent to the debt enforcement office.

You cannot make a request asking for the summons to be deleted from the register (e.g. because you did not file an objection notice) and the creditor does not agree to drop the debt enforcement proceedings:

  • The notice will remain in the debt enforcement register for five years. If you wish to have the notice removed from the register before the end of these five years, you must apply to the court responsible and demonstrate in civil proceedings that the debt never existed or that it was non-enforceable at the time the payment summons was issued.

List of debt enforcement offices

Form (in German) - Gesuch um Nichtbekanntgabe einer Betreibung an Dritte
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