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How do I go about looking for a day care place for my child?


Usually, children are accepted in a day care centre as soon as the mother’s maternity leave is over.

Get organised in advance

Despite public, semi-private and private efforts to provide day care, day care places are difficult to find. If you want to be sure of getting a place, start looking early on, if possible as soon as you know you are expecting a baby. Waiting lists are often very long.

Who do I contact ?

Contact your commune

Your commune will be able to give a list of child day care centres in your area.

Associations and other organisations

There are several organisations which can provide information on child day care and the cost of external childcare, which may be means-tested and also varies from canton to canton, such as the Swiss childcare association Kibesuisse. 


Workplace childcare

Some companies have their own day care facilities – ask your employer if this is the case where you work and what the conditions are (opening times, prices, age limit etc.) If there are enough free places, workplace childcare facilities may accept children whose parents do not work for the company. You can find out more from your local commune.