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Criminal records extracts

Why you might need a criminal records extract and how to order one.

What types of criminal records extract are there?

  • Private extract: a private extract discloses all convictions for felonies or misdemeanours. 
  • Special private extract: a special private extract discloses only those convictions that involve an activity prohibition order or a contract prohibition and exclusion order that has been issued in order to protect minors or especially vulnerable persons.

When you will need a private extract

  • When applying for a job.
  • When applying for a firearms licence.
  • When applying for Swiss citizenship.
  • etc.

When you will need a special private extract

Ordering an extract

  • As a private individual, you can only order a private or special private extract for yourself. However, you can appoint a representative (only possible if ordering online; requires proof of authorisation) or have the extract sent to a third party (e.g. to a prospective employer or landlord).
  • To order a special private extract, you also need confirmation from your employer or the organisation concerned that you carry out, or are applying to carry out an activity that involves regular contact with minors or other especially vulnerable persons. 
  • Each type of extract costs CHF 20.
  • If you need to have the extract legalised (e.g. for a visa application), this costs a further CHF 20. 
  • You can order the extract at the post office or on the internet. For further information on the ordering process and other matters related to Register of Criminal Convictions, please consult the website of the Federal Office of Justice (

Criminal record certificates - how to order one at a glance

Questions frequently asked about criminal record certificates (FAQ)

Only if you are applying to carry out or are carrying out a professional activity (e.g. teacher, paediatrician) or organised non-professional activity (e.g. football coach, scout leader) that involves regular contact with minors or other especially vulnerable persons.